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Events 2022



MFM International Park 

MY FELLOW MAN is pleased to partner with the San Antonio de Guerra municipality of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to build a community playground. MY FELLOW MAN has been involved in mission and philanthropic work for several years and is excited to expand it's outreach to a much needed area of the island.

Donation Output
Jan - Dec 2022 

MFM Community & Partner  Donations

                                                       2022 Donation line up for 2022

January -  MFM International Park (Santo Domingo) (Continuous Donations)

                 MFM International Food Giveaways (Santo Domingo) (Continuous Donations)

                 Utility Assistance - Throughout Metro Atlanta 

                 Salvation Army 

                 Boys & Girls Club (Continuous Donations)

                 Shi Foundation (Continuous Donations)

February - Project KidZ- Feed The Homeless for Valentine's Day 


                  MLK Public Safety Fund (Continuous Donations)

March -      Atlanta Public Schools (Continuous Donations)

                  Community Clean up

April -         MFM International Learning Center (Santo Domingo - (Continuous Donations)




Public Saftey Press Conference

MFM and The MLK and Ashby Merchants Assoc., has partnered with Walmart and other small businesses on the Public Safety initiative for the foot beat cops within the community. -2022

Apr - Aug

Our desire to be the village

MFM decided to go even further by giving back more not only by building a virtual learning center but by donating learning services, we have now acquired a location that will teach English and Spanish.  

 Coming Soon 2022

Educators Awards Program

We have now reactivated the Teacher Stipend Program throughout the Dekalb and Metro Atlanta Areas. - 2022

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